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Cash Flow Statement The cash flow statement merges the balance sheet and the income statement. It can be manipulated to show comparisons across periods which would make the results appear stellar for the company. Firms are also obligated to provide their financial statements in the annual report that they share with their stakeholders.

Financial Statement Essay: Internal & External Users Essay

Financial statements give creditors a picture of how risky it is to lend you money, and that influences not only the decision on whether to lend you money, but also the interest rate you'll be charged. It is different from the market value of equity stock market capitalization which is calculated as follows: Investors People who have purchased stock or shares in a company need financial information to analyze the way the company is performing.

It could also be based on the ratios derived from the financial information over the same time span. Also, for internal users, accounting provides internal reports, such as forecasts of cash needs for the next year.

All of these transactions have a financial impact on a business, so it is important to accurately account for them. Since this document is not viewed by the public, business owners and management can tailor it to reflect specific departments or business ventures.

These include loans that the firm has to repay in more than a year, and also capital leases which the firm has to pay for in exchange for using a fixed asset. Investing activities include cash flows from the acquisition and disposition of assets, such as real estate and equipment.

Key Internal Users Regular financial statements give managers benchmarks for company performance. Current assets include marketable securities, inventory and accounts receivable.

These activities include operating, investing and financing activities. These accounting reports are analyzed in order to aid economic decision-making of a firm and also to predict profitability and cash flows. Categories The authors of the widely used textbook "Financial Accounting for MBAs" identify four classes of financial statement users: Net Income The deduction of expenses from revenues leads to an amount that is considered net income or net earnings.

Operating activities include cash flows made from regular business operations. Some examples of revenue categories found in internal income statements are interest income, membership dues and sales revenue.

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Lastly, a statement of cash flows, which shows where your business obtained cash during a period of time and how much cash was used. All the information has to be detailed on a timely basis. Creditors Creditors are interested in knowing if a company will be able to honor its payments as they become due.

Balance Sheet Analysis The balance sheet is analyzed to obtain some key ratios that help explain the health of the firm at a given point in time.

Essay on Financial Statements and Their Analysis

The financial statements may be formed both for the internal and the external users. According to the economic dictionaries a financial statement is a formal record of the financial activities of a business, person or other entity.

The cash flow statement reconciles the income statement with the balance sheet in three major business activities. Share on Facebook During the daily operations of a business, there can be hundreds, even thousands, of internal transactions.

However, business owners may want more frequent and detailed information about profits and losses, so they also may use internal income statements.

It is important for them to know because numbers matters when it comes down to any type of business. Detailed and often confidential financial statement prepared for the managers and directors of a firm.

It provides the information they need to monitor the results of the firm's operations, and to prepare short- and long-term plans. Although external statements use the same financial measurements and accounting methods, they are designed to. Statement of Financial Position: This statement is commonly known as a company’s balance sheet.

It has vital information pertaining to assets, liabilities, equity etc at a particular point of time. It has vital information pertaining to assets, liabilities, equity etc at a particular point of time. Jun 01,  · Financial Statements Essay. Interpret financial statements using appropriate ratios and comparisons, both internal and external.

analyse budgets and make appropriates decisions According to this data, Kaitai HK(GuangZhou) monthly budget Internal Control, and Financial Statement Audits.

Financial statements would be useful to internal users because managers are those who plan, organize, and run an entire business; they have to be able to present summarized financial information, which is a financial statement.

Essays on Internal Control and External Auditing in the Context of Financial Reporting Quality The second essay continues in the field of internal new evidence on the role of internal controls and external auditing in the context of financial reporting quality.

Financial statements are written records that convey the financial activities and conditions of a business or entity and consist of four major components. Financial statements are meant to present.

Financial statement essay internal external
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Financial Statement Analysis: An Introduction